The Ribbons Of Life Lamp Draws Inspiration From The Source

The DNA inspired double helical design would look especially great in any mad scientist's lair or geneticist's dining room. Tough to believe this popped out of a 3D printer.

I am thoroughly impressed with the intricate and unique stylings of The Ribbons of Life lamp, created by Paul Charlwood and Luca Abate of Melbourne-based Charlwood Design. By using a 3D printer to fabricate the design out of a type of ABS plastic, new shapes were able to be formed that would not have been possible using traditional fabrication methods.

Charlwood wanted to explore how light interacts with complex shapes with this piece, which was created as part of Victoria's State of Design Festival and inspired by the double helix of a strand of DNA. The combination of the plastic composition and detailed curves and strips of the lamp's shape allow light to diffuse through into multi-layered shadows, cast with an amber hue. [design milk]

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