The Return Of The Mobile Phone Strap

One thing I noticed - sadly! - with the original iPhone was the lack of a place to hang a keitai strap. For awhile, I'd collect fun ones from Japan. Good thing I saved all them because the bumper fixes this.

I don't really know why I like mobile phone straps so much. Maybe it's just flair, like the buttons on Jennifer Aniston's suspenders in Office Space. But not corporate. Maybe it's because it makes holding a mobile phone easier. Maybe it's something to fiddle with while on calls. Maybe it's a little something to tell your phone apart from others, all of them black and glass and shiny sitting on a table at a restaurant. Mine's the one with the ramen keitai strap. Hands off!

I saved this, along with a watermelon strap, for several years. I remembered I had it the day my friends opened their pop up ramen shop in SF for the second time and pulled it out of a drawer. Then I realised, holding it in one hand and my iPhone in the other, that the bumper - an almost mandatory yet minimally intrusive accessory - has all sorts of little holes for attaching mobile phone straps to. And now, I've got my strap back, thanks to the speaker port.

P.S. The baby blue bumper was all they had in stock, I swear.

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