The Next 19 NBN Rollout Locations Are...

Every time the Government decides to announce locations for the NBN rollout, I sit at the computer, fingers crossed that my local exchange will be mentioned. Sadly, I miss out this time, but it's getting closer.

The NBN will start rolling out to 19 new locations, including 14 completely new areas and five existing locations that are being expanded upon. Here's the list of locations:

The new sites are:

Victoria – Bacchus Marsh, South Morang (Melbourne); Queensland – Brisbane (inner north), Springfield Lakes, Toowoomba; NSW – Riverstone (western Sydney), Coffs Harbour; South Australia – Modbury, Prospect; Western Australia – Victoria Park (Perth), Geraldton, Mandurah; Northern Territory – Casuarina; and ACT – Gungahlin

The five existing locations getting an additional, adjacent rollout site are Minnamurra/Kiama Downs (Kiama) and Armidale in NSW, Townsville Qld, Brunswick in Melbourne, and Willunga in South Australia. As the whole township of Willunga is already part of the rollout, the nearby area of Seaford/McLaren Vale will be the adjacent site.

Construction for this second round of locations probably won't start until second quarter 2011, while construction on those original locations is expected to start this month. As exciting as the potential of the NBN is, it's important to remember just how long it's going to take to construct and install this kind of infrastructure.



    Any info on what the sites are? e.g. Modbury - is that for everyone in that suburb?

    Bacchus Marsh! BRING IT ON! about time the country people got a break! sign me up NBN!

      Normandy, one gets the impression you live in Bacchus Marsh... :-) Congrats on that, and good luck getting a fast connection!

      I think it's interesting that Springfield Lakes is on the list - that entire suburb was nothing but bushland 5 years ago, so I guess that's a test of how the roll-out will go on newly developed areas that didn't put in fibre - amusingly enough, it appears they were going to go FTTH, but didn't because the NBN was coming...

    Riverstone! OMG so close! Next stop Richmond? Pls?

    it's basically 3,000 places in each of those areas, except one which is considered rural and does have as many places.

    As someone in one of the 19 areas, I'd like to to know how I can make sure I'm on that list!

    So out of curiosity, what happens once the NBN is rolled out to those sites? Is it active? Can we sign up to it? How doe we sign up to it?

    I'm one suburb away from Riverstone at the moment renting an apartment and it would easily tip the scales towards a move if the network was up and running.

      They send you some pamphlets that say its coming soon and offer you an information meeting where they can't answer any usefully questions i.e. cost, definative dates etc.

      They are basically just asking that you vote for the labour government and they will pay you NBN'z. I get the feeling more of these "announcement" will be made before the election.

      I live in Brunswick in melbourne and this is all thats happened.

    whoot, tbar!

    so... another 12months u say... yawn. likely to be canned at the next election, else, bottlenecked by the filter... wont be the awesomes either way.

    Coffs Harbour? Curses! My parents will have incredible internets while I sit in Sydney with ADSL2. Family tech support is going to get so much more difficult.

    Damn, I used to live in Vic Park and was stuck on a rim for two years before moving!

    That might make it actually worth moving to Gungahlin *giggles* The place seriously needs something like this, they've been underserved by Telstra ever since inception.

    Damn... I'm smack bang in between Armidale and Coffs Harbour... I'll be able to hear the bytes whistling past my ears while I'm still waiting for mine to arrive back from the next village!!!

    I just hope Coffs Harbour = Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas!!

    Yeah, I know, wishful thinking!! It'll be in the too hard basket because of the mountain! :^)

    I'm in South Morang! Hopefully it will be good. I can't get asdl2 here.

    Go Coffs Harbour go
    Will have to wait and see what the download quotas are with the new speeds, sounds abit too good to be true

    Oooh Riverstone- getting closer. Hopefully Kellyville Ridge/Rouse Hill is next

    I’m in Mawson Lakes - part of the Modbury rollout. Finally I will get the broadband I was promised back when Mawson Lakes was conceptualised.

      Sorry David, Mawson Lakes is (mostly) on the Salisbury exchange, so you won't see NBN until they do that exchange. Pity, for a "smart suburb" Mawson Lakes has VERY limited connection options, not even ADSL2 for the most part.

      But, guess what, Yar Whoo ... I'm on the Modbury exchange. I'm currently using Bigpond cable at 20Mbps, so seems a bit of a waste, but I guess I won't mind getting 100Mbps with NBN.

    Oh damn Coffs Harbour! I'm like 10 minutes north of there in Moonee Beach! I swear to god we better all get FTTH from Sawtell to Emerald because It'd be bonkers not to only do the job half asked aye!

    In the boarder Area between South Morang and Mill Park, in Mill Park Heights/ Pindari has very slow ADSL 2 connections. Telstra Cable Internet are not available in this area.Victoria'a largest public primary school is in this area. So It would be great if the NBN authorities include Mill Park heights also in the roll out with South Morang.

    I live in the Modbury exchange area, and can't wait for the NBN, but would love a date for when I can get it. The copper here is so bad, that even a few km away from the exchange the quality drops, and that is for the places without pair gain issues.

    cool the whole west side of adelaide that gets nothing excet mobile or wireless broadband. can be last or not at all,

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