The Most Remote FaceTime Call On The Planet

On the right: the spot on the globe most isolated from land, separated by over a thousand miles from the nearest landmass in every direction. On the left: an iPhone 4 FaceTime call from that exact location. Whoa.

On the wetter side of the line is Philippe Kahn, who is sailing a boat from Santa Cruz, California, to Honolulu, Hawaii, for the 2010 Pacific Cup. Thanks to a satellite connection common to such vessels, he has a Wi-Fi network on board and can FaceTime with other members of his team back in California. The connection isn't flawless, but a lot of landlocked FaceTime calls I've made haven't been either.

They finish the call by trading superlatives for the experience: "amazing", "incredible" and "unbelievable", but in the blog post on the Pegasus site, they finally drop the m-bomb: "When it came up, it was like magic!" And for the first time, I think, with this little pocketable device bringing these friends and colleagues face-to-face from what's literally the most remote location on Earth, using that word to describe it doesn't seem so ridiculous. [Pegasus]

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