The Most Powerful Wind Turbine Looks Like the Weirdest Too

In the future, we will look at these 270m-wide structures in the middle of the ocean and we won't even blink. But right now, I'm having a hard time imagining them spinning at 20 revolutions per minute.

It's the new Aerogenerator X Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, which will be completed by 2014. This wind turbine will rotate horizontally, generating twice the power of the typical previous standard design, according to the manufacturer Windpower. That's 10 megawatts per hour. The most powerful - and largest turbine in the planet at 126m high - now generates a bit over seven megawatts.

Only the 10MW Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine will be able to match its power, raising 185m over the surface of the sea. That would be fun to repair. [Windpower via Dezeen]

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