The iPhone 4 Stories That Slipped Through The Cracks

The iPhone 4 Stories That Slipped Through The Cracks

Over the past few days, we’ve written a lot about the iPhone 4. But for every story we wrote, there was another story we didn’t get to write. Here are those stories, in brief:

iPhone 4 Gets Telstra’s Blue Tick approval with a bumper
Given the Antennagate issue, it was a bit of a surprise to hear that the iPhone 4 has actually been given Telstra’s Blue Tick approval for use in rural Australia… with the use of a bumper.

Some iPhone 4 users are having problems porting their number across carriers
It’s on Twitter and the MacTalk forums, but some users moving from Optus to Telstra are suffering delays. That sucks.

All carriers have 12 month contracts
APCMag had the story about Telstra’s 12 month contracts yesterday, but we’ve had confirmation from tipster Aman that Voda and Three are selling the phone on a 12 month contract as well (he grabbed it on the $49 cap + $45 for the phone). Optus also has 12 month options.

Telstra Offering Bonus Gig On Business iPhone Plans
Buy an iPhone 4 on a Telstra business plan before the end of August and you’ll get an extra gig each month for the life of the contract. Data for the win.

Optus expecting a four-week delay on iPhone delivery
If you didn’t queue up last night and you want an iPhone 4 from Optus, you might be in for a wait. Optus have tweeted that they’re predicting a four-week wait for online and rainchecked iPhone orders. Ouch!

SmirkAbout have iPhone 4 skins
The Aussie guys behind SmirkAbout – who make some awesome vinyl skins for a whole range of gadgets – have announced they’ve already got skins for the new version of the iPhone.

What About Antennagate
It’s interesting to see that for the most part, few people in Australia seem to have been able to replicate the antenna reception issue found in the US. Does that mean Apple’s fixed the problem? Does it mean that it was mostly an AT&T issue? Does it mean that Australian hands aren’t as dense as Americans? Who knows, but in the early stages of people owning the iPhone 4 in Australia, it doesn’t seem to be such an issue…