The Compass iPad Stand

The Joule stand was my favourite iPad stand until I saw Twelvesouth's Compass. Now my heart is divided. I really like the angular design and its portability. But what I really like is its price: just $US40.

At $US129, the Joule is way too expensive to the majority of people. At $US40, the Compass seems reasonable enough. It also solves some of the issues I noted in my review: Looking at the photos, you can use the dock cable in portrait and landscape mode. It also looks light. While I like to tote my Joule around, many times I leave it at home because it's way too heavy.

I will try it to see if it beats the solid feel and simplicity of the Joule, but based on price alone, I bet many iPad users would prefer the Compass. [Twelvesouth]

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