The Car That Tweets

AJ uses Twitter and hates stop and go traffic as much as you do. AJ is a 2011 Ford Fiesta being tested by Ford engineers.

In an effort to better understand the automobile's potential when hooked into world of social networking, AJ serves as a test subject, piping telemetry information (speed/braking), coupled with other data from elements like the windshield wipers, steering wheel and GPS, to an app called the "Auto"matic Blog.

The information is translated from cold and calculating data to ever-so charming tweeting, like, "It's getting pretty dark; time to put the headlights on."

Other examples don't include, "Not sure if my accelerator just went Toyota or I just have a case of the Mondays" and "I'm eating foie gras motherfucker! Foie fucking gras!!" [Wheels]

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