The Abyss Watch Capitalises On Touchscreen Tech, Minimalism

The Abyss Watch Capitalises On Touchscreen Tech, Minimalism

It seems that watch hands and easy-to-read digital displays are a thing of the past according to Japanese style watches. A matte black touchscreen face surrounded by time indicating LEDs is infinitely more chic.

The Abyss watch sports a black snakeskin textured leather band and black face circled by “Tron blue” and white LED’s. The white dots indicate the hour and blue dots tell you the minutes. Unlike the Tokyo Flash watch we featured recently, telling time on this watch isn’t some extraordinary feat of intellectualism, and it’s also just $US48.09.

But my favourite aspect of this watch is the crazy, six-paragraph, nerd reference-filled description on the Chinavasion site, which includes such gems as:

Even though The Abyss embodies Eye of Sauron style and Nietzschean design with its miasmic blue oyster cult numerals swirling about not a void, but loneliness, like millions of Protoss warrior-priests from Starcraft III battling Beelzebub’s black winged minions, this Japanese LED watch does in fact tell the time and does so really efficiently too!

Watch does not actually exude blue smoke. [Chinavasion via TechFresh]