Text'n Drive iPhone App Keeps You From Rear-Ending Another Driver

While its name suggest that it helps you send SMS while driving, the Text'n Drive iPhone app actually reads your email out loud and allows you to send out voice messages without touching your iPhone very much. Clever, but peculiar.

You see, the app is peculiar because there's a lot of potential for something to go wrong. What if you startle your recipient with that voice message? What if he or she can't listen to it? The whole process is just plain odd:

Incoming emails get read aloud to you using a synthetic voice, sender's name, message subject, and all. Outgoing emails are made as a plain old audio recording of your voice which then gets sent through the email provider of your choice, and the system is smart enough to not require much interaction from you—it even detects when you're done speaking and then auto-forwards the email with the attached voice message

Sounds like calling the other person might be a better idea - especially considering that this app normally has a $26 price tag. [Fast Company]

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