Telstra First With iPhone 4 Pricing

Telstra First With iPhone 4 Pricing

Don’t adjust your eyes – you read that headline correctly. Telstra is first off the blocks this year, announcing pricing for the iPhone 4 a whole four days before the phone goes on sale.

Both the 16GB and the 32GB versions of the new phone will be available on either a $49, $79 or $99 cap plan, including 200MB, 500MB and 500MB worth of data respectively. Unlike some other marquee handsets released this year, Telstra won’t be selling the iPhone 4 outright, although Apple has announced outright pricing this morning as well.


In addition to pricing, Telstra has announced that they’ll be holding midnight store openings around the country, including South Australia and Tasmania.

It’s unusual for Telstra to come out first with pricing for the iPhone, but it will be interesting to see whether Optus, Vodafone and Three try and undercut them with their plans. We’ll find out over the coming days, I guess…