Telstra Cuts Price Of HTC Desire To $0 On $49 Plan

Telstra has managed to take a fair chunk of wind out of Vodafone’s Nexus One announcement yesterday by announcing it’s dropping the price of the HTC Desire to $0 on a $49 cap over 24 months, or $30 less than the Nexus One on Voda.

Telstra announces new aggressive pricing for HTC Desire. To be available for $0 upfront on Telstra’s $49 Cap Plan from tomorrow.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

The $49 plan will include the handset, plus 200MB of data and $400 worth of national calls, SMS and MMS over 24 months. For Telstra, that’s an exceptionally good deal. It should definitely swing some potential Nexus One buyers from Vodafone…

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