TechLines: Lifehacker's Future Of Email Event

Email has become such a core part of our daily lives over the past decade that it's not something we really spend too much time thinking about here at Gizmodo. Fortunately though, the team at Lifehacker do think about it - a lot - and they're hosting a big event to discuss both the role email plays in today's society, as well as what the technology's future holds.

Dubbed "Techlines", the event is bringing together some of the most influential people in the tech world in Australia to discuss the future of email, including General Manager of IBM Lotus Alistair Rennie, Director of Interaction & Experience Research at Intel Genevieve Bell, Managing Director of Research In Motion Australia & New Zealand Adele Beachley and Futurist Mark Pesce.

The event will take place at midday on August 12 (AEST) and will be broadcast live online, but Lifehacker is calling for the community to discuss their thoughts on email in the weeks leading up to the live webcast. If you have any thoughts on what the future of email could (or should) entail, make sure you take part in the discussion over at Lifehacker.


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