Tape Up Your Box With Hinges

Tape Up Your Box With Hinges

Tape? You use tape to tape up a box? Do you have a death wish??

If you hadn’t heard, tape is out, hinges are in. That’s right, hinges have just made a huge comeback. They can tape stuff up now. We all thought they’d settled on doors, chests and other relics of a world once built upon wood and sweat and tobacco.

Then, BAM. Out of nowhere, hinges walk in to Scotch’s party – Scotch hadn’t planned on them showing up; the invite was out of courtesy. Scotch’s mum was a friend of hinges’ mum from back when they bonded in WWII because all supplies were pretty tight. But Scotch and hinges never talked. They travelled in different circles. Scotch was a playboy on a multi-decade, international bender. Hinges only ate out on weekends.

So back at the party, Scotch recovers from his shock that hinges showed up by nodding to his guests sympathetically, as if a three-legged mutt had scratched at his door and he had to do SOMETHING with it in the time between now and the time animal control arrived.

Hinges picks up on the polite condescension. And it’s when Scotch hands him a drink that hinges takes the opportunity to lean in and say, in a confident voice just north of a whisper, “I do tape now.”

And with that, hinges drinks his Martini in a single gulp, turns in a step and exits the party. As he walks out the door, the only weight on hinges’ mind was that he’d never tasted such a fine gin. [Hinge Tape via Super Punch via boingboing]