Syte Shirt Turns You Into A Fleshy iPad Kickstand

With 3.27 million sold since launch, it's becoming increasingly clear: This is the iPad's world and we're just living in it. And what better way to announce your subservience to your tablet than letting it ride you like a human Segway.

The garment, which officially launches tomorrow and will be on sale for $US50, has a special plastic-screened zipper pocket for proudly displaying King Tablet.

Sure, you'll start by showing off some neat interactive app like Gravilux, hoping that a member of the fairer sex might be intrigued enough to give you a little pinch-to-zoom action. But before long, the iPad will start choosing its own apps. And then telling you where to go. And then, without you even realising it, the iPad will have become the real brains of the operation and you'll just be the dumb vessel carrying it to and fro, a prisoner in your own body like Krang's man-mobile from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Then? That's when you jailbreak. [Syte Shirt]

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