Swype Input Interface Sneaks Into Windows 7 Demo

The Swype text entry interface that's been tearing up Android phones, World Records and maybe iPhones was spotted doing more of the same on a large touchscreen at the Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference. Spoiler: It looks like Swype, but bigger:

It is only a demo, and there's not even a wisp of an inkling that there's a partnership brewing between Microsoft and Swype Inc. (the chaps behind the technology), but in any event at about three minutes in the demo gets going in earnest and you can judge for yourself.

Please note: The source link video site requires Silverlight, but the image above, gleaned from Engadget, shows a snapshot of the interface in action on an 3M M2256PW ten-finger multitouch display. [Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference via Engadget]

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