Sony's New Point-and-Shoot Press Shots, Brought To You By A Canon Camera

Look at this pleasant tableau: two square-jawed gentlemen and one of their attractive lady friends enjoying a brand new Sony point-and-shoot. And so beautifully photographed! (By a Canon 5D Mark II.)

OK, OK, it's not that damning - did anyone really think that companies exclusively used their own products? - but it's hard not to be amused by this little bit of EXIF sleuthing that popped up over at Photography Bay. Basically all the shots Sony sent out this morning of handsome people enjoying their new Cyber-shot cameras were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II.

The takeaway here? Life looks pretty swell when you're using a Sony camera. Especially when someone's shooting you using that camera with a much more expensive Canon camera. [Photography Bay]



    Nothing new... Did you know that Toyotas are made by Kawasaki (welding robots)?

    that might be how they do it in America, but ive worked on numerous commercials for camera's and printer's, and both used the camera and printer the add were for.
    american tv is pretty fake, doesn't surprise me

    The photo is about look of the camera, not it's picture quality.

    Think about that, there is no reasonable connection between the Sony camera and the camera that supposedly should be used for the promo shots.

    Nothing to see here.

    There is probably a whole lot more metadata in these pictures. If you run it through FileMind (it's free, beta, for Windows only), you will see all the fields.

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