Sony's New Blu-ray Products Have Bravia Internet Video

In the early stages of the upcoming IPTV battle, Sony is clearly out in front in Australia. The vast majority of their Bravia TVs have Bravia Internet Video - their IPTV channel - out of the box, and in terms of content, Sony are miles in front of the competition. But if you don't want to have to buy a new TV to experience IPTV, they've also put the feature in their latest range of Blu-ray products.

With Yahoo!7 and SBS content (plus a FIFA channel) already live and ABC iView coming soon, Sony are leading the way for IPTV in Australia. Their new Blu-ray lineup, which includes both standalone players and home theatre systems, all feature the IPTV functionality, as well as Full HD 3D support.

Other common features are DLNA support across the range and a 3-second bootup time.

Here's the new product range:

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