Skobbler Gives Free Turn-By-Turn Navigation To International Android Users

Google Maps Navigation is a wonderful turn-by-turn navigation app for Android. Only problem? It's only available in the US and UK and requires Android 2.0+. Thankfully Skobbler is bringing their own free turn-by-turn navigation to the rest of the world.

Like the iPhone version, Skobbler for Android relies on the OpenStreetMap database, which is open-source and user-edited, to deliver its turn-by-turn goodness. That's cool cause it fits in with the whole Android open source philosophy and can theoretically bring map updates faster than other apps but not cool if the user-edited maps are wrong. But it's free! And can you really complain with free?

Skobbler doesn't skimp on the features either, you'll get GPS car navigation, GPS pedestrian navigation, local search, bookmarks, rated search results, day and night modes, street level visuals and voice guided navigation. It's only available in the UK and Germany for now, but it's expected to roll out elsewhere. Basically, if you can't get Google Maps Navigation on your Android phone, Skobbler is a decent, free alternative. [Skobbler]

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