Sennheiser Adds In-Line Controls To Their Headphone Lineup

Sennheiser Adds In-Line Controls To Their Headphone Lineup

 title=Friends don’t let friends use the crappy white earbuds that come with Apple products. But while there are an abundance of affordable headphones of decent quality to replace the apple buds, there aren’t as many options that include the necessary microphone and in-line remote to allow you to make and receive calls on your iPhone. Sennheiser is trying to address this with their recent update to their headphone line-up.

The German headphone company has added the in-line components to eight of its top headphone products, including the IE 8, MM80 Travel, CX880, MM70, PX100-II, PX200-II, HD218 and HD238. The new models all add an ‘i’ to the product code so you know what you’re getting.

The in-line remote lets you play, pause and skip tracks, as well as make and receive calls. The headphones support the iPhone 3GS and latest iPod Touch’s voice control feature as well. Pricing for the new range starts at $140 and works its way up to $760, as you can see below:


For anyone who uses their iPhone as a music device and is looking to upgrade their headphones, this update makes Sennheiser look a lot more appealing.