Say Hello To This Month's Guest Illustrator: Nikki Cook

I'm pleased to note that our guest artist series continues. You've seen Nikki Cook's art along with a few pieces last week - and she's going to be around kicking arse through the month of July. Welcome, Nikki!

Here's Nikki's bio:

Breaking hearts via the sequential arts! Nikki Cook is a cartoonist living in Brooklyn, New York. She has worked for awesome companies such as DC/Vertigo, Image, Boom Studios, and Marvel. She has self-published for years, and was a founding member of the web comics collective Act-I-Vate. She is currently working with writer Ben McCool on an upcoming series from Image called "Memoir".

She is very tall and is descended from Norwegian prize fighters.

Be sure to check out her art at her website and to follow her on the Twit-a-Toots.

Photo: Seth Kushner

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