Samsung Speaks Up Over Antennagate - "Reception Problems Have Not Happened"

So we've already had HTC, Nokia and RIM give us their side of Apple's odd attempt to downgrade the entire smartphone industry, now it's Samsung's turn - which says "Reception problems have not happened so far" on Omnia II.

The complete quote from Samsung, which had its Omnia II smartphone rudely thrown up on Apple's antenna presentation, follows. Samsung says the Omnia's antenna is on the other side of the phone, which presumably means only left-handed people will be afflicted. And who cares about them? [winking smiley face to all left-handed readers]

"The antenna is located at the bottom of the Omnia 2 phone, while iPhone's antenna is on the lower left side of the device. Our design keeps the distance between a hand and an antenna. We have fully conducted field tests before the rollout of smartphones. Reception problems have not happened so far, and there is no room for such problems to happen in the future"

Which is basically, "Leave us out of your shitstorm, Jobs." [Korea Herald via Samsung Hub]



    so that explains the signal drop on their phone how?

    I think Samsung should politely STFU. Death grip happens on their flagship Galaxy S from holding it normally. If I need more reception, I adjust how I hold the phone. While the Galaxy is great a phone with lots of fantastic features, its' Android 2.1 is not in the same league of stability or polish of iOS4. Not even close.

    The fact that Apple compared similar behaviors for other phones was not designed to pull them into the muck, but simply to put the iPhone 4 backlash into perspective. Steve even prefaced his comparison by saying these other phones were good phones. Sumsung's defense that they have not experienced consumer backlash on this issue is EXACTLY Apple's point.

    it happen with my original omnia though
    although only in the area with low reception (like my current home)

    I'm left handed and I'm sick of all the references to how the antenna problem mostly affects left handed people.

    When I'm on the phone, I usualy write with my left hand or I type with my left hand or I use my mouse with my left hand. That means that I'm holding the phone with my RIGHT hand. All this means of course, that I'm not affected.

    P.S. Being left handed, I use my left hand to point, swype, rotate, whatever... on the touch screen. This or course means I'm still holding the phone in my right hand. So how can this problem affect left handed people?

    But how about right handed people. What hand are they using when they're writing etc...? If right handed people are holding their phone in their right hand, how do they take notes? So unless right handed people are doing spastic looking tricks like resting the phone on their shoulder, they must be holding the phone in their left hand and as a result are more affected by the antenna issue than left handed people.

      So what you're saying is that you are a right handed phone user?

      There are other things you could do with that freed up left hand to relieve some of that pent up stress.

        Luckily, unlike many people who comment on these sites, I'm not a pimple faced teenager, but have a sexy wife to handle that need :)

        But seriously, as a right handed person, how do you hold the phone when your writing notes etc...

        P.S. @Bjorn, I'm glad your amused (it was amusing), but get a girl friend.

    I believe what I see in the videos... every phone drops reception when held in a certain way... and it's also mentioned in the manuals saying not to cover the antennas.

    They can say, "We put our antenna elsewhere", "We haven't had reported problems", all they want. Those are facts, but they're not the facts that we can visibly see that Apple is right, it happens to every phone, and if you don't like how Apple did it return your phone and get another, but you'll still have to hold it in a certain way.

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