Rumour: Telstra iPhone 4 Pricing Leaked?

Rumour: Telstra iPhone 4 Pricing Leaked?

 title=Consider this totally unconfirmed speculation, but 9to5Mac has apparently received legitimate looking photos of Telstra’s upcoming iPhone 4 pricing. And it’s actually pretty good. (UPDATE: Telstra has denied they’re legit.)

The photos break down three pricing options for both the 16GB and the 32GB iPhone 4. Both phones will be available on the $49 Cap plan, the $79 Cap plan and the $99 cap plan.

Both handsets will be free on the $79 cap and above, with the 16GB costing $349 on the $49 cap and the 32GB costing $549 upfront on the same plan.

But most encouraging is the included data – the $49 cap comes with 250MB, the $79 cap with 750MB and the $99 cap with 1GB. While that’s still less than what most competitors currently offer, it’s still significantly more than what we’ve come to expect from Telstra.

Still, as mentioned before, until we hear the official announcement from Telstra, consider this unconfirmed.

UPDATE: Telstra has denied they’re legit.