Realistic PS3 Assault Rifle Controller Helps Legitimise Your FPS Blood Lust

A head shot isn't a head shot if you didn't pull an actual trigger to deliver the bullet, right? (No!) Right! This fully-functioning controller that looks just like a real assault rifle will help legitimise your FPS blood lust.

The rifle, which connects wirelessly to the PS3 via USB dongle, has all the buttons found on a regular six-axis controller, including d-pad, start and select buttons, and clickable thumb sticks. If that kinda ruins the illusion for you, ignore all those and just jam on that trigger, which is mapped to the R1 button. The controller also has a speaker for getting in-game sound effects all up in your face.

The controller's manufacturer, CTA, says the gun brings "never-before [seen]realism to first-person shooter games", which makes you ponder just how real you want your first-person shooters to be. Better than a kid going out and buying a real gun, anyway! Shipping August 2 for $US65 at [Amazon]

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