Qantas Introducing Smart Frequent Flyer Cards

Qantas Introducing Smart Frequent Flyer Cards

 title=Starting July 28, Qantas is going to be trialling a new check in system in Perth airport. The key element of this system is a new frequent flyer card that includes a smart chip, which Qantas has dubbed “Intelligent Q”. The chip allows users to simply tap their frequent flyer card at a terminal to check into a flight.

The new cards are currently being sent out to frequent flyers who fly regularly through Perth, so don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get the updated card straight away. Qantas claim that the new system will appear in other domestic terminals later this year.

Not only do the new cards allow you to check in quickly, but they also double as your boarding passes.

In addition to the new cards, Qantas are planning to introduce a smart chip enabled Q Bag Tag which will mean you don’t need to get paper bag tags printed and installed.

It’s a pretty impressive upgrade for the entire check in procedure, although there will doubtlessly be some teething issues in the early stages later this month. If anyone gets the chance to use it flying through Perth, let us know how it worked.

In the meantime, you can check out a video of the new system here.

[QantasThanks Danny!]