PM Gillard Standing Behind Conroy And His Filter

PM Gillard Standing Behind Conroy And His Filter

 title=On ABC Radio in Darwin this morning Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced her continued support for the Government’s Internet Filter. It’s not the message of hope we were looking for.

According to ABC News, Gillard acknowledged critics of the filter, but stuck by the government’s plan to block access to child porn on the web. ABC News quotes Gillard as saying:

“I understand that there’s a set of concerns, technical concerns about internet speed, and also concerns that this somehow [moves]into taking away legitimate use of the internet.”

At least she didn’t imply that we’re all pro-child porn…

With the shadow of an election hanging over us, it just goes to show that this is still an important issue, despite the fact legislation has been tabled until after we’ve all voted.

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