Pioneer's New Blu-Ray HTiB Systems Look Like Incredibly Attractive Fingerprint Magnets

Ever since Pioneer decided to kill off its stunningly beautiful Kuro plasma lineup, they've focussed their energy on audio. Well, audio and design, judging by their latest line up of Blu-ray home theatre in a box solutions.

There are two new HTiB offerings, the HTZ-808BD, which offers four tallboy speakers, Blu-ray player, subwoofer and centre channel; and the HTZ-606BD which includes four satellite speakers rather than tallboys.

Both setups have an incredibly high gloss, piano black appearance that is undoubtedly going to be a fingerprint magnet, but just looks so darned attractive in the photos.

Aside from offering all the standard Blu-ray functions like both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD codec support, 24p playback and BD-Live, the players also incorporate A2DP Bluetooth to allow you to stream audio from Bluetooth devices, as well as an iPhone/iPod dock included in the box to let you listen to your music through the speakers as well as play back video stored on the device.

Considering 808BD is only $899 and the 606BD costs $699, it's pretty hard to argue why your shiny new TV doesn't have surround sound these days.


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