Pinel & Pinel Arcade Trunk Is The Poshest Imaginable Way To Play Space Invaders

Calfskin upholstery, chromium plating, premium speakers - not exactly reminiscent of an arcade gaming experience. But if want to ditch your emulator for something a bit more, dare we say, decadent, luxury French cabinet maker Pinel & Pinel will indulge.

Despite boasting an assortment 60 retro titles (including the requisite Pac-Man, Space Invaders and 1942), the appeal of the 'Arcade '80s Trunk' lies more in its hardware than in its easily replicable software.

Available with a variety of leather exteriors in 51 colours, a 1080p display, four wheels and - the pièce de résistance - racing stripes, there is probably a reason why Pinel & Pinel lists no price. Just make sure your friends don't roll it out of your house. [Pinel & Pinel via Uncrate]

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