Philips SleepWave Is The Gadget For Insomniacs

I've never not been able to sleep. In the past few years, I've happily slept through earthquakes, alarms, crying babies and my own snoring. But if I did have some trouble getting to the land of Nod, my first stop would be to check out the Philips Sleepwave, a tidy little gadget that is "designed to non-invasively stimulate the vestibular nerve by mimicking a swaying sensation".

The Sleepwave, which is roughly the size of an MP3 player with little headphone type attachments that sit behind your ears. It'll set you back $440, and at this stage is only available through Philips Respironics SleepEasy centres in Sydney and Melbourne (although Adelaide and Brisbane centres will start selling them from July 26).

That may sound kind of expensive, but compare it with the ongoing costs of prescription medication and the non-invasive nature of the gadget, and I know which one I'd be choosing. If I needed help sleepi... zzzzz.

[Philips Sleepwave]

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