Panasonic's 3D Lens Makes Third-Dimension Dabbling Painless

We've seen Panasonic's 3D camcorder, but the company is also releasing a standalone lens that will allow otherwise stock still cameras to shoot 3D.

It's a lens of Micro Four Thirds proportions, built specifically for the LUMIX G line of cameras... though the nature of the Micro Four Thirds standard means that this lens may very well work on similar cameras from Olympus as-is and even brands like Samsung with proper adaptors. Impressively, it manages to shoot 3D content even onto a single CMOS chip without retrofitting the internals of the camera. That's good news in that even if you don't like 3D, at least the industry knows better than to require a whole new camera to have it.

We have no price, and in terms of a date, all we know is that it's coming by the year's end. And sadly, rumours of each lens coming with a personal-sized bucket of blue body pain are still unconfirmed. [Panasonic via CrunchGear]

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