Over 1m Android Users' Details Compromised Thanks To Malicious App

Does "Jackeey Wallpaper" sound familiar to you? If you downloaded the Android app, then there's a good chance your privacy has been threatened. According to telecoms security company Lookout, the app was sending users' info to a Chinese website.

The data infringement was revealed at the Black Hat security expo in Las Vegas yesterday, where listeners were told of how the personal details of between 1.1 million and 4.6 million people who downloaded the app were sent to the Chinese website www.imnet.us, where browsing history, texts, voicemail passwords and SIM card details were published. And why were people downloading this app? Because it had a whole bunch of Star Wars, Gundam and other such wallpapers for Android phones.

Late June, Google came under fire when it was discovered they've got the ability to fire up a killswitch for malicious apps, removing them not only from the Market but also from people's phones. I'd say that killswitch is actually pretty handy, after all. [Mobile Beat]

UPDATE: Phandroid heard from Lookout, who clarified a few points - namely, that "the app does collect data from your phone, but only the device's phone number, subscriber identifier, and voicemail number fields are retrieved. SMS and browsing history are not touched by any of the apps they analyzed throughout their Blackhat conference. Your voicemail's password is also not transmitted unless you included the password in your phone's voicemail number field." [Thanks, commenter @gwydion]

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