Other iPad Apps As Seen Through Annamika, The Animated Kaleidoscope App

Annamika is a neat new iPad app that lets you run any image of your choosing through an animated kaleidoscope. That includes screenshots of other iPad apps. Ready to get meta?

That up there? That's Words With Friends.

Annamika, which uses customisable kaleidoscope software by Scott Collard, comes preloaded with art by Catherine Hubert, which is very neat in and of itself and probably worth the price of admission. ($6)

But even more fun than seeing some neat abstract art all tripped-out is seeing less abstract images all tripped-out. Like screenshots of apps! Here are some especially neat ones:




New York Times Crossword Puzzle



Annamika is available in the App Store for all your kaleidoscoping needs for $6. If come Friday afternoon, the entire crop of week's best apps are picked solely by how cool they look after a trip through Annamika - well, don't say I didn't warn you. [iTunes]

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