Optus iPhone 4 Pricing Is All About The Data

Telstra may have beaten Optus to the punch with their iPhone 4 pricing, but Optus has struck back, bundling a minimum of 1GB worth of data with all its iPhone 4 plans.

Image: Mark Jardine

The iPhone 4 will be available on the $49, $59, $79 and $89 consumer cap plans (over 24 months), which include 1GB, 2GB, 2GB and 3GB worth of data respectively. On the plans, the 16GB handset is free on the $59 plan, while the 32GB is free on the $79 plan.

It will be interesting now to see what potential iPhone customers do. A lot of iPhone 3G customers will be looking to upgrade and there seems to be a lot of chatter from Optus customers looking to leave the network. But consider the difference in data allowances between Optus and Telstra - 1GB compared to 200MB for a $49 plan (and 3GB compared to 500MB on the higher end of the scale).




    32G iP4 on Plan 4 sounds good to me :)

    Just got the email from Optus, plans look good, great data allowance, but why the hell can i not pre-order?? Either i wait till midnight and check online, or queue up aimlessly at one of the stores on the off chance of limited stock? Come on Telcos!

      Hey mate thats Apples condition not the Telco's. If you read that story about Apple and the troubles AT&T have dealing with them, you'll find that all our telcos have to jump through many hoops just to be able to sell the phones. And pre-order is one of those conditions.

    wow, thats cheap! $57 for an iphone 4 and 1gb of data... alot better than it was a year ago. yay for competition.

      Don't go thinking this is all due to competition. Prices have come down because technology has gotten cheaper, infrastructure has been built, and data has become inexpensive. Competition wasn't the primary driver behind any of those improvements.

        wasn't the iphone 4 the most expensive wholesale (isupply taredown ect) yet?
        yet its outright price is cheaper than the 3GS (a year old) was a day ago?

      Why not just get the $59 plan and pay an extra $2 a month because the repayments are $0 a month.... :S

      That is i am assume you want 16gb

    Excluding tethering, 2GB of data is a lot to use on a phone, especially given Optus 3G speeds..

    WIN for Optus! thats more like it.... lots of data, and cheap plans with unlimited calls for 59 bucks... FTW! TAKE THAT TELSTRA!

      $89 is the unlimited calls, not $59

    Great to see that tethering is finally included with the standard data allowance. Not stated clearly, but in the terms and conditions:

    All Plans Included Mobile Internet Data Value: can be used to access services on Optus iZoo, browsing the Internet from your mobile and iPhone as Modem access.

    So much better Data oriented plans than Telstra. 32GB iP4 on Plan 2 and another one on Plan 1 for me and my brother.

    Will be lining up at midnight for this (they better have bloody bumpers available!)

    Still I would never use a gig worth of data (never used more then 350mb), and seeing how terrible the Optus is in the country I am considering change to Telstra.

    Plus I bet those call rates are charged in minute blocks again, meaning every time you drop a call (a lot with optus) you get charged a full minute.

    Also the fact you have to pay $10 a month to tether is shit when everyone else has it for free.

      Looks like tethering is included this time and there is no additional charge. Have a look at the terms and conditions. It says:

      All Plans Included Mobile Internet Data Value: can be used to access services on Optus iZoo, browsing the Internet from your mobile and iPhone as Modem access.

        Could be...

        However, that reads to me more that your included data can be used through the computer (ie: using the iPhone as modem will take the data out of your included data, and won't add on top).

        Doesn't really sound like you wont have to pay to be able to tether.

        Although I suppose if it doesn't include tethering you could always jailbreak and use something like iPhone Modem to tether and they can't claim that you aren't allowed to as it says you can use the data for modem browsing and doesn't say you have to use there service to do so.

        Anyway hopefully it is included as its a stupid cost and at $10 a month way way too much.


      Don't forget this works on 900mhz, so the Optus coverage in the country should be a LOT better.

        I live in Canberra CBD and struggle to get any kind of phone reception with optus, what use is more data when you can't use it. Telsta is looking better and better....

        Yeah the coverage and data speed is an issue with me. I'm tossing up between optus $59 plan and Vodafone's $49 plan, and I just want to know whether Vodafone's service is better... All I read is bad things about Optus' network performance hence why im skeptical...

    If you look on Optus' website there's also $19 and $29 caps, but they don't come with 1gb data (100mb and 200mb respectively)

    I have to say I was going to go with Telstra (on 3 atm) but with this pricing Telstra released compared to this... I think I will have to go with Optus.

    What's the instalment fee for 19 and 29 plan?

    32GB iPhone4 on Plan 3 seems like the way I'll be going.

    Can't wait till Thursday night...my 3G is on it's last legs I think!

    I wouldn't touch Telstra with a 10 foot barge pole. They seriously need to change their name to HELLstra. BAD customer service and if anything goes wrong good luck with trying to get through the red tape to get it fixed. Best to call the TIO direct with any issues and get through to their somewhat competent customer relations team :)

      Absolutely agree with Jesse's Girl: Telstra = hellstra after many months of headaches, red tape and sheer incompetency, despite 4+ years as a business customer, and zero effort on their part regrading any new offers (until I contacted the TIO).

    Will be looking back through my bills today to try and work out how much data I actually use. The gap between optus and telstra's allowances is big, but so is the quality of service available. (I'm on optus now, but my folks are with Telstra.)

    Ignoring the tethering and coverage issues - I want to be able to video chat over 3G. I'm sceptical that will ever work well on optus.

    Major new point of interest on Telstra versus Optus network, is the iPhone4 now has 900Mhz UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA!!! Optus was only able to do 3G speeds in major cities at 2100Mhz with iPhone 3G/3GS, but now will be able to do 3G speeds nationally... I know where I'm going on Friday!

      SWEET so not only will it have crappy service still in the city, but in the country too! woot.
      cant wait to churn to optus so i can complain about how rubbish the network is and how i should have gone to telstra!!!


    Hey Nick, can we get a proper link to where you got that pricing from. The current one just loops back to this page.

    And has anyone else has managed to find handset repayments for the 12 month contracts? Optus' website is woefully half-baked at the moment.

    I'm looking at changing over from Telstra to Optus but I'm hesitant as Optus has had a history of bad network coverage and drop outs. Anyone feel the same or have experience to appease my doubts. Regardless, that $59 cap looks the goods.

      Seconded! But im switching from Vodafone... will there be much difference?

        Hi, I've been with Vodafone and Virgin which use the Optus Network. I have to sit in my back yard to get network service. The only option they gave me was to go on a 24month contract so I can be given a Iphone4S because I have the Iphone 3GS and the network isn't compatible to their network. So unless you have an Iphone 4 I wouldn't transfer to them.

    free umlimited calls to selected optus number..

    anyone knows how many numbers we can select?

      I'm pretty sure it's just certain optus numbers - you don't get to choose.

        It is unlimited Optus to Optus called AND to select other numbers.

    Where did this pricing come from? I can't find that table with the handset repayments anywhere on Optus's website. Thanks for posting it though!

      It was sent to me by Optus PR

    Could I choose to pay the MRO in a lump sum when signing up? Has anyone done this sort of thing before? I know Telstra has an upfront amount payable, but I wondered if I could get some of the cost out of the way early.

    anyone knows what the online bonus is ?

      Online bonus is first 2 months free.

      "**The 2 months free access fee will appear as a credit on your third bill. Credit will be equal to two months of the monthly access fee of the plan you initially connected on. In order for you to receive this credit you must pay for your first 2 bills in full on your due date."

    Does anyone know if the free bumper offer extend to phones obtained through Optus and/or Telstra?

    I've been on Optus since I received my IPhone 18 months ago. As noted by others, the service is deplorable. I'm not talking about country service, I live in the city and work in North Sydney and my 3G reception is virtually non existent (probably why they can afford to offer better data plans!) However I am loath to switch to Telstra. I had hoped that over time that Optus would invest in better infrastructure, but the last 18 months have shown no improvement at all, and if you try to complain to them about it, they ask you to put your SIM into a second 3G phone (which you might just happen to have lying around. It's not my phone, others on Optus have the same issue in the same locations. Optus cannot hope to fix the problem if they make it impossible for people to report that they have an issue....

    For those who are on Optus now, what kind of service to you get Regionally? I live in the far north, and Telstra is great because it works even when I'm out bush, but I don't know where it's worth paying the extra $40 a month to get a gig of data with a browser pack from Telstra (providing they'll do that) and still have to pay on top to send sms internationally, or if I'll be able to live with the dodgey reception in the city and none out bush for the epic data allowance with Optus?

    Telstra customer service is rubbish, but for the few times I actually have to call them, I just get over it and get my phone working again...

      Go get an optus prepaid sim and test it out for yourself. Really, the only way to test it as not everyone lives and moves around in the same areas you all the time, so experience may vary.

    Does anybody know where the hell Virgin is at with their plans?

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