Onkyo Digital Picture Frame Has HDMI Port For Secondary Monitor Usage

The Onkyo LPF10M01 could be the best digital picture frame ever. Why? Because thanks to a HDMI port, it's so much more than just a silly digital picture frame. Think of it as a 10-inch portable display.

The 10.1-inch Onkyo frame works with anything that hooks into the HDMI port so you could use it to play video games, watch movies or just as a secondary monitor. The screen is LED backlit and Onkyo is saying its 1024x600 resolution is the highest of any digital picture frame.

The Onkyo LPF10M01 will go on sale in Japan for $US230, if it comes here, I'd probably end up buying one. [Onkyo via Crunchgear]


    Count me in. I've been looking for a display monitor for video recording.

    There are several digital frames on the market that also support a similar secondary screen function but via USB, for many people without cards that support dual video or HDMI, a USB approach is more useful. The downside with USB screens is they are really only good for 2d rendering, not 3d stuff (I mean regular 3d, not stereoscopic).

    For $230 I'd be more inclined to go looking for a small and cheap LCD TV that supports an image slideshow function, be larger and also function as a TV or PC screen with likely better resolution. Im not sure what the cheapest TV would be that supports these functions though.

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