Nissan's Optimum Driving Experience Means You Are Comfortable, Stress-Free, Moisturised

But with seat details like an articulated back rest, three-layered padding and leg rests that can rise up a la your favourite La-Z-Boy, it sounds like it would make a better napping experience.

Taking a distinct departure from the green tech and energy saving campaigns of competitors like Honda and Toyota, Nissan has decided to create vehicles with the "Health and Well-Being" of drivers and passengers in mind in order to reduce stress and fatigue. The results? Three specific improvements: The Comfortable Captain Seat, Advanced Climate Control System and Quick Comfort Seat Heater.

Get this - the cars will have a culture system that contains a fancy polyphenol air filter that will spray "plasmacluster" ions at you, which are supposed to help keen skin naturally moisturised (Nissan knows that deep down, you want youthful, healthy, baby soft skin). And the seat heater has been optimised so that you feel warmer 35 per cent quicker than with other systems.

The sense of comfort induced by the car is supposed to reduce the effects of driver fatigue. I think that'll work really well, because I'll just get someone else to drive. [Nissan via Fast Company]

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