Next Apple TV To Bring 99 Cent TV Show Rentals?

We've heard rumours that the next generation Apple TV will offer cloud-based streaming, but now we're hearing that it will also bring 99 US cent TV show rentals. Sounds like a reasonable attempt to compete with other streaming rental services. [NewTeeVee]


    Didn't the Apple TV joke die a quiet death 3 years ago?

    Two things Apple do incredibly well:
    1.They have the uncanny super power-like ability to present old technology as cutting edge.
    2. Retain customer loyalty despite being so slow in updating their product range (how long did it take for them to adopt the i5 & i7's into their MBP range, and let's not even bring up the Mac Pro?).
    I consider the Apple TV to be a great missed opportunity. They could have been at the crest of the current wave of ent media centres however what did they do?
    Sat on their hands? Concentrated on the magical and revolutionary iPad?
    Now, having a look at their dating range of products in their online shop it seems like they have taken to announcing their upcoming products (a la MS with their industry stunting vapourware campaigns) while they rush to catch up.

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