Naughty Spanking 2 HD Offers Text-Based Erotic Stories On iPad

Somebody at Apple had better stir some triple-strength tranquillisers into Steve Jobs's latte this morning - there *is* porn on the App Store. Although you have to use your imagination, as the porn in question is of the written kind.

An independent developer has hit on the idea of creating collections of erotic fiction in an iPad-friendly book format and selling them for $9.99 a pop - with the end results somehow sneaking past Apple's notoriously strict and family friendly App Store approval policy.

Appearing on the Store yesterday with titles like Spank Me HD, Ultimate Submission HD and Naughty Spanking 2 HD, we doubt the 17+ rated explicit tales will stay up for much longer given Apple's zero-tolerance policy on anything to do with rudeness. [Mobile Entertainment]

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