Nanobots Are Taking Over In This Month’s T3 Magazine

Nanobots Are Taking Over In This Month’s T3 Magazine

 title=You’re standing on the beach at Penzance, staring out across the new cross-atlantic bridge: it’s the latest and greatest feat of engineering, wrought from cutting-edge, lab-grown super-carbon steel “woven” by a tireless workforce of self-repairing nanobots…

Okay, obviously this isn’t real, and nor is it likely to happen in the next few years. But it still could. Someday.

Back in 2003, Prince Charles was hailing nanotech, while also fretting that it might herald a disaster as terrible as Thalidomide. Michael “Jurassic Park” Crichton penned a novel on the subject and scientists suggested that engineering “robots” no bigger than the head of a pin would revolutionise the human race. Then… nothing.

Nanotechnology was over-hyped when it first entered the public consciousness, and its risks were more talked about than its potential benefits. But while public attention has waned, real progress has been made, driven by substantial corporate and governmental investment. The result is that nano-engineered products are now part of everyday life, whether you are aware of them or not.

In this issue of T3 we investigate nanotechnology, how far we have come and what to expect in the future. It’s not all about nanotechnology though. The future of technology is covered off in detail in a special 12 page feature. There is also one of the biggest iPhone 4 previews around, a solid five pages written by the combined forces of our Australia, US and UK editorial teams.

T3 also went to the United States to speak with the FBI about cybercrime and take in E3, all of which is covered in the issue. Plus, there’s the usual detailed reviews, comparisons, buyers guides and news.

The August issue is available now through Woolworths, Coles Express, 7-11, Borders and all good newsagents. Look out for the metallic gold cover.