Music Video Answers Eternal Flamethrower Vs Fire Extinguisher Question

Sentences beginning in "What if we got a flamethrower and..." usually result in horrible, moronic, burnt disaster. But we're glad director Tomas Mankovsky threw caution to the fiery wind to see what happens when a flamethrower meets a fire extinguisher.

Sometimes, music videos are supposed to provide some sort of symbolism or thematic complement to a song. Maybe that's the case here for Dancing Pigeon's track "Ritalin", where we see a creepy showdown between two hillbilly types. Perhaps they stand for something? But really, it does not matter at all with this video. It has a flamethrower being shot into the stream of a fire extinguisher. In slow motion. Why are you still reading this. [Laughing Squid via CubicleBot]

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