Joos Orange Solar Charger Reviewed: Solar-Powered Gadget Charging, For Real

We were a little sceptical of claims that the Joos Orange offered six to 20 times more sun-to-power conversion than its competitors. But Giz editor Brian Lam tried one recently and says it's the "best solar charger [he'd]ever tested".

He reports that it's rugged, works in weak light and can charge an iPhone four times with just one full charge. The unit itself is a bit heavy, but still, what's a little heft when you can finally realise that elusive dream of (effectively) charging gadgets with the sun, and for only $US100.

Wired has a more detailed review, and they loved it, too:

The Joos Orange solar charger is the physical manifestation of simplicity. It's rugged, easy to store and carry, and (most importantly) quick to bestow a watt or two whenever you need it. Simply choose the correct adaptor (the Orange comes with seven of the most popular ones), plug in your depleted phone or DS into the charger and let the life-giving juice flow. Yep, that's it.

The Joos will be available soon for $US100. Find out more or sign up for updates over at SolarJoos. [Wired]

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