Japanese Subway Grows Its Own Hydroponic Lettuce

Imagine a Utopian future, one where not only could you score an affordable foot's length of sub on every street corner, but one where said sub-dispensaries actually grew their own raw ingredients.

One subway in Japan is performing such personal gardening, growing their own hydroponic lettuce right inside the store. It's not enough to meet customer demands, topping just 5 per cent (if that) of all the sandwiches served at that location. But to be fair, Subway puts a truckload of lettuce on every sandwich. As in, lettuce is actually the first entry on the ingredient list for the BMT.* [Subway via MSN via AsiaJin via InventorSpot via OhGizmo!]

*This isn't true. At least, I don't think it's true. But it could be true. You believed it for a split-second, yourself. And that alone is all the proof I need.

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