iPhone 4 Outright Pricing Starts At $859

Last night, Apple confirmed (again) that the iPhone 4 was launching in Australia on Friday. They also confirmed the outright price for their new phones:

The 16GB iPhone 4 will cost $859 outright, while the 32GB version sneaks in just under the $1K mark at $999.

Unlike Telstra and Optus, Apple won't be hosting any midnight store openings on Thursday night, instead their retail stores are opening at 8am like every other day.

With Optus and Telstra's pricing announced this morning, which option is sounding best to you so far? Telstra, Optus or outright through Apple?



    Where are the 12 month plans?
    Do they not realize that people want to update each year?

      Yes they do realise you want to upgrade each year.
      They make more money asking you an upgrade fee rather than giving you 12 month contract.

        Optus do have 12 month contracts for all of their plans

    hello 16GB Iphone 4!!! outright

      ... Call dropped

    Telstra outright for me. $999 is spot on to what I expected. I might just line up at Mt Barker Telstra midnight, just for fun.

      According to Telstra, they aren't selling them outright (not yet anyway), so you'll be wasting your time.

        The outright price is from the Apple store. Going to the Telstra shop is for major lulz.

    Hmm 32GB outright on a month to month plan with Telstra sounds good (new $49 cap)

      Telstra not selling iphone outright, must go on ocntract

        Still you can use a outright iPhone 4 on a Telstra month to month plan.

        Yeah some of them will. As per every other iPhone, many stores will say contract only but you will always find a store or two that will sell it outright. Mt Barker in South Australia will be selling it outright.

        UPDATE - Telstra Mt Barker have gone against their word, and are not selling outright and no such thing as Pre-Orders even though you might have put your name down. They haven't even bothered to ring people who put their names down expecting to rock up Friday. Limited stock on Thursday midnight for contract only. Mt Barker Telstra SUCK

      I'm sorry, I just don't understand the logic behind this.

      You are going to buy the phone outright for $999, then go on a $49 cap?

      If you were to go on the $49 cap plan from the start, pay the $299 upfront, you'd be paying $1475 over 24 months.

      Instead, you will pay a total of $1475 over 10 months, by paying $999 up front and $49/month.

      Is the fact you own the handset outright worth 14 months of effectively free calls?

        I think the deal is that by going on a month to month $49 plan you get better value on ur $49 plan as it's sim only. Also your not locked into a contracted.

        But I haven't looked at what the sim-only $49 plan for telstra is like.

    I don't quite get why it's more expensive than the iPad.
    I thought they might have cut down the price a little this time round.

      Similar components (A4 processor) the cameras, that faux glass/plastic shell can't be too cheap to manufacture, and most importantly Apple products have to cost a $#!+load of money, its somewhere in the ToS

    where exactly is the source for this...or the optus/telstra announcements ?

    Still awaiting Voda/3 tomorrow (I'm with 3 currently). The 32GB outright is looking damn good, $30 less than I was expecting.

    Thing I'm dearly hoping for is 3 do what they did with the 3GS: buy the handset from them ($45 32gb/24m) and they throw in a gig of free data. So just spread the outright cost, but with data. I'm having doubts that they'll do that at all, but one can still hope. :D

    :( what, no pre-order anywhere...that sucks...

      yeah i know, bummer i'll be at splendour when it's released


    Should of explained byself better, get the phone from Apple and a 12 month NextG cap plan with Telstra

    I dunno if people know this, but I heard they're selling for $299 outright for the 32gb model in the states. Of course, it would be locked to an american network, but this is a hell of a lot of inflation.

    Importing one from the states, you could get it for about $400 at the current exchange rate, as long as u could unlock it

      No Troy, that's on top of a crazy expensive 24 month contract. We actually have it pretty good with iPhone pricing here.

      if they are, they haven't updated their website (which is very un-Apple like)


      you can pick up the 32GB iPhone 4 for $299 if you sign up to a 2yr contract with AT&T, otherwise the phone is $699 (outright) still a significant mark up

        but again, it IS still locked to AT&T, unlike ours which are unlocked.

        now of course, you could just jailbreak it and unlock it.

        but THEY might not be expecting people to do this, thus it is factored into a discount for the outright price for those poor, poor Americans :(

        I don't think you can buy them outright in the US at all. This is what the page you linked to says:

        Can I buy an iPhone without an AT&T contract?
        No. iPhone requires a two-year AT&T wireless service contract.

    I just returned from the US and the iPhone 4 32Gb was around $540 outright and locked. The guy in the Apple store suggested that I get it from Europe as they cost exactly the same price and are unlocked.

    Keep in mind purchasing from Telstra outright will mean you pay an unlock fee to allow any sim to go into there....on top of what you paid for the phone. it might have changed now...but it wasnt the case before.

      Turns out Telstra at Mt Barker have changed their minds with recent price release and info, they now won't be selling outright and haven't bothered to phone anyone about this change. I even had my name down aaa having one reserved and they also say now you can't reserve one? I know one Telstra shop I will never deal with.

    Just buy one out right from an Apple store. They will be on sale there as well

      There is only one Apple store in Australia in Sydney. I wonder how long they will take to ship. We have 2 NextByte stores in Adelaide who sell only Apple gear, but they also are only selling on contract for the first month. I'l give Apple Sydney a ring. Do you know if ya can pre-order from them?

        This gets worse. If you live in Adelaide(or anywhere outside NSW or Vic) you CANNOT buy an iPhone 4 outright at the moment. I just spoke to Apple Sydney and you can only buy in store, no purchases online. WTF??? I don't understand? Why would Apple do that? Doesn't this restrict their sales?
        At the moment I'm really thinking Apple SUCKS

        Bruce, there's more than one Apple store in Australia. Hell, there's more than one Apple store in Sydney.

        Sydney CBD, Chatswood, Bondi Junction, Chadstone, Doncaster, Chermside, Robina, and Perth.

        Yeah Scott my bad. I should have said NSW & VIC. I wasnt aware of one in Perth? Its not shown on the Apple.com.au web site? Still its not real good that they do an official release in Aus, but you cant order from the Aus Apple site. This is what Sydney said anyway. It may turn out come Friday they have it up on their site. I have since found one or two Telstra shops in Adelaide that say they will sell outright. I think I'm just a little too eager, and peeved of that one of our Telstra shops went back on their word. Thats life though. 'Its only a phone' :-)

    When did Apple,say they will start selling them online? Bruce? Anyone? I'd like a new phone but not going to queue on the street for it. That would just be sad

    There's only one store in the whole of Tasmania opening at 12am on Friday, and that's a T-Life store in Hobart. Given Telstra's pricing is very competitive I'm going to be an Apple fanboy and line up to try and get one.

    Telstra haven't released any info on stock levels so I'm sure Tas will be lucky to get 5 handsets.

    I think those ones from Apple store are unlocked, so you can put in any Provider SIMS?

    the one from the apple store can use any provider SIM. and if your with telstra/optus/voda/three they can change you to a mico SIM. they also connect all carrier contracts.

    Just jailbreak it... Its leagal now!!!

    Hey man, I live in a small as town and I'm trying too get And iphone.. just wondering if you could tell us how too like inquire about getting one here would be much apperciated.. thanks ay!!

    How much will it cost to buy a white iPhone 4 outright ?

    I've been trying forever to get an Iphone 4S telstra phone outright i think the price is fairly reasonable.

    I don't like plans they just seem too tricky for me so i always have pre-paid aka outright and unforchantly where i live the only service we can get here is from telstra, we cant get optus or vodaphone or anything else just telstra.

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