iHome Wants To Charge Every Gadget You Own

iHome wants to get rid of your loose cables and chargers and replace them with their base docking station. The elegantly named iB969 is a good looking hub that charges your iPhone, iPad and any ol' gadget that connects through USB.

The iHome iB969 has a built in stand for the iPad, two universal docks for iPhones or iPods and an expandable, rubberised rest area for anything else you have. The wood grain finish adds a nice touch plus the idea of having a base station for all your charging needs is pretty awesome, but iHome is charging $US129 for this goodness. I'm not really sure having a central hub to charge is that important to me. If it was, I would just get the $US60 iDapt i4 instead. [iHome via CrunchGear]

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