I Can't Have Enough Samurai: Way Of The Warrior For iPad

Three months using it, and I still believe iPad is the future. It's my favourite computer of all time. The only thing I want is more awesome apps. Like Samurai: Way of the Warrior.

Sure, Samurai is just a game, but it's a clear example of how cool the iPad could be. Why?

It's not the beautiful graphics - a combination of hand-drawn ink drawings with cartoon-rendered three-dimensional models in a 3D world. It's not the effective animation and the special effects - especially the blood splattering. And it's not the touch control, which just requires point and click to move your warrior, and slash your finger to attack the enemy.

No, it's none of those factors alone but the combination of all of them with this thin touchscreen computer. On another platform, Samurai would be a nice game. On the iPad, it's a nice game which is really extra fun just because of the way you interact with it and look directly into it. Even the comic book story line, which you can read between stages, feels perfect in the iPad (like the Marvel and DC comic apps show).

The only two things I would change: First, a different way to make combo attacks, one that would give you graphic feedback about what you are doing. Instead of slashing the finger in different combinations to access the special combos - which your character learns as you go through the game - I would like to draw different shapes on the screen to fire them. And when you successfully make a combo, not only the samurai would do it, but the game would give you some other indication of what you just did.

Second, a camera that could hide buildings in case you are behind them. Sometimes - especially in the underground palace prison - your character is hidden behind the structures, so you can't see what's going on. If they made the structure transparent at that point, it would be perfect. And perhaps add a zoomed-in camera battle when you have to fight the big bosses.

Other than that, I'm hooked. I like it as much as the rest of the select club of apps in my iPad now.

You can try the free version here. [iTunes]

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