How To Justify Charging $US11,000 For A Single Car Wash

This is 30-year-old Gurcharn Sahota. He runs a car-washing business out of his parents' garage. Now before you start laughing and calling him a failure, consider this: He regularly charges up to $US11,000 to clean a single car. Here's how.

Sahota specialises in cleaning high-end cars - the kind most of us can only dream of owning - and he does it incredibly well. Sometimes he'll work for up to 250 hours on a single car and use gear such as a kit of 100 cleaning solutions, a microscope, wax priced at over $US12,000 per tub and a special paint gauge to leave cars perfectly spotless.

It's fascinating to listen to Sahota talk about his work mostly because I only spend a handful of quarters each time I clean my own car, but also because I'd never considered car washing to be a high-tech art. [SWNS]

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