How FaceTime Will Come To The iPad, iPod Touch

Apple's FaceTime video chat is great and all, but being accessible only to iPhone 4 owners limits its usefulness. There's a solution on the way, though, according to BGR, that'll bring FaceTime to the iPad, iPod Touch and possibly Macs.

It makes sense that Apple would want to expand FaceTime across its family of devices. And BGR hears that to work around the iPad and iPod Touch's lack of phone numbers to call, Apple will use email addresses instead:

Your Apple ID will be registered with your device/s, and that will allow other Apple devices to start a FaceTime call using your email address. Apple will also reportedly make use of push notifications to deliver these incoming FaceTime connection requests as we have been informed there is a push notification detector tied into the FaceTime frameworks in the new iPhone OS 4.1 beta. We're not sure how Apple will handle an iPod touch trying to connect to a FaceTime session on an iPhone as it seems Apple would still require you to use the iPhone's phone number, at least that's how it seems currently.

Of course there's still the sticky subject of getting front-facing cameras in those devices. But assuming the hardware gets worked out, this seems like a simple, straightforward way to expand the FaceTime portfolio. [BGR]

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