How A Guy Tricked Apple With A Disguised iPhone Tethering App

How A Guy Tricked Apple With A Disguised iPhone Tethering App

Oh, Nick Lee, you clever clever man. You see, Nick here tricked Apple with a very simple iPhone application: Handy Light. On the surface it looked like any other $1.19 torch application. But, secretly, it was a lot more useful.[imgclear]

Inside, the app was a full tethering application, a program that allows you to use your iPhone as a 3G modem, so you can surf the web from your computer connected to the iPhone. All without having to pay the additional $US20 per month that AT&T stupidly wants you to pay for that kind of service. That $US20 on top of the data plan you already pay for the iPhone.

It worked beautifully: You just needed to set up a Wi-Fi network in your computer, connect your iPhone to it, change a few parameters in your computer’s Wi-Fi settings, and that was it. Within seconds, your laptop was able to surf the web.

And use past tense because, unfortunately, it didn’t last long. The app was pulled from iTunes as soon as news of its true nature appeared online.

A great story with a sad ending. Hopefully, they will keep republishing similar apps as they take them down. Let’s try this again. [App Shopper, MacRumors, Forbes, AppStore HQ]