Hipstamatic iPhone App Gets Even More Addictive After iOS 4 Update

Hipstamatic iPhone App Gets Even More Addictive After iOS 4 Update

iPhone photographers have something to celebrate: The Hipstamatic app has received an update. It now offers batch and background uploads, bug fixes and better performance.

What’s New In Version 160

New Features
+ Stacks (organize your prints in 9 image groups)
+ Batch upload Stacks of prints to Facebook, Flickr or Email
+ Option to not tag images with lens/flash/film when uploading Facebook or Flickr
+ Option to choose the album to upload to in Facebook
+ Upload images to Facebook and Flickr in the background (iOS 4 only)

+ User Interface optimised for iPhone 4’s Retina Display
+ Faster startup time and fast app switching (iOS 4 only)
+ Faster flipping from camera front to back (iOS 4 only)
+ Prints will continue to process in the background when you quit Hipstamatic (iOS 4 only)
+ Better scrolling performance in Recent Prints (iOS 4 only)
+ Hipstamatic is more battery-efficient

Bug Fixes
+ Black and White films now work properly (blue streak bug fixed)
+ Fixed an iOS 4 bug that prevented people from entering contests
+ The hardware flash on iPhone 4 now works properly with Hipstamatic (and is synced to when you turn the Hipstamatic flash on)
+ Shake to Randomize is now more random
+ Other miscellaneous user interface tweaks and bug fixes

The app will set you back $2.49 and is available in the iTunes store. [iTunes]