Helsing's Fire For iPhone: The Best Sassy Victorian Puzzler In The App Store

There are plenty of ways an iPhone game can set itself apart: its game play, its visual style, its voice, etc. Helsing's Fire, a genuinely hilarious Gothic puzzler, manages to set itself apart several times over.

The game puts you in the wing-tipped shoes of Professor Helsing, who, along with his helpful assistant Raffton, is charged with banishing Dracula and his minions to the netherworld. To do so, he/you must strategically place a torch amidst a screen full of blocks and barricades, casting its righteous, vampire-killing light on whatever baddies may lurk nearby. It's not the most action-packed game play, but the light-puzzle dynamic is unique enough to hold one's interest.

But where the game really shines is in the world it creates. New enemies introduce themselves with hilarious verve and the game is punctuated by reliably clever Victorian-era shit-talking. The puzzle-solving itself is captivating, but it's the writing of Helsing's Fire that really steals the show. All in all, it's the rare game that stands out in more ways than one, and for that it's well worth your $1.19. [iTunes]

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