Google May Soon Start Telling You When To Go Shopping, And What To Buy

Speaking about one possible future of Google integration, company fellow Amit Singhal outlined a frankly terrifying vision - where Google scans our to-do lists, automatically searches for outstanding tasks and tells us when and how to complete them...

Here's Singhal's amazing description of a future in which Google takes over many of our low-level brain functions:

"So my calendar knows when I have free time, my [GPS-enabled]phone knows where I am, my to do list has a list of things I need to accomplish and time is expensive ... On top of that Google local knows the map of this place and it knows where all the sports shops are - so why can't this thing tell me 'you have 45 minutes free in your agenda, there's a sports shop 300 metres away go and buy a cricket bat"

Put simply, HUMAN WILL COMPLY, even if you don't want a cricket bat. [Techradar]

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